Carvest is committed to a triple CSR approach

Carvest is at the center of a tripartite CSR dynamic, both beneficiary and driver of a more responsible, social and environmental infinity, to be initiated:

CSR Crédit Agricole

As a subsidiary of the Crédit Agricole Group, a French player committed to the territories and to a sustainable society, we embrace the values of the mutual bank. These values are reflected in our raison d’être: “Acting every day in the interest of our customers and society”, which we share.

Carvest CSR

As an investment consulting firm, we are concerned about the well-being of our employees and our carbon footprint. We associate employee well-being with the meaning of work. The balance between private and professional life, in particular, is an issue and is built together.

CSR Participations

As an investor partner of local SMEs and SMIs, we guide and measure the CSR impact of each of them, with kindness, and through constant support. Our ESG roadmap creates extra-financial value and performance in the medium and long term.

The 4 pillars of Carvest's CSR

Within our company and our investments, we are committed to developing extra-financial assets. This translates into a reduction of our carbon footprint, the promotion of CSR in our ecosystem (employees and investments) and ESG conduct as a guideline.

Human resources are embodied by our employees. Our philosophy is to grow together, through a more collaborative and empowering management style that makes sense. Here, the training of our employees, the promotion of gender diversity, and career management through the Crédit Agricole Group give meaning and value.

Promoting work-life balance is a challenge for us. We are involved in our participations as a listening and available actor, and we organize ourselves to promote well-being, the right to disconnect… The prevention of psycho-social risks is another priority, which is built for and by our employees.

In Carvest, there is Crédit Agricole Régions Investissement… and territory. In addition to our equity investments in SMEs and SMIs, we are involved in other ways. We support associations, we participate in local sports and cultural events… And passing on our knowledge to encourage entrepreneurship and investment is second nature.

Other Carvest values

In addition to our CSR approach, helped, inspired and energized by our stakeholders (the Crédit Agricole Group, our employees and our participations), Carvest has other cherished values. Commitment, agility, teamwork and humility are part of them and embody us too.

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